March 28, 2022

20% Off The Extended Ohaus Range From AML!


20% Off The Extended Ohaus Range From AML!

We are running a special promotion for the Guardian Hotplates & Mixers from Ohaus we now have on our website. The 20% off is for orders placed on or before the 30th June 2022. Use Code TFX27TAM for an extra 10% off online or state the code on your purchase order. 

Stir It up in the laboratory with OHAUS Hotplates and Stirrers! Perfect for life science applications such as dissolving buffers and reagents, preparing media, concentrating samples, and more, OHAUS Hotplates and Stirrers are perfectly designed to help you Stir It up in the laboratory.

Pioneer™ Precision
Affordable Balance to Achieve Reliable Results

  • The PX offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings at an economical price point.
  • Featuring a cast metal lower housing, sub-pan and stainless steel weighing pan, the PX is durably constructed for versatile, long-term use.
  • PX features a second line display for additional information/guidance, & USB/RS232 connectivity for easy communication. Draftshield models feature a static removal (ESR) bar for convenient grounding.
Scout™ STX
High-Performance Portable Balances with Intuitive Touchscreens for High Accuracy and Productivity

  • Large, intuitive, color touchscreen display allows for easy operation – guiding the user through every step of the weighing application.
  • Advanced weighing technology allows for one-second stabilization time for increased productivity.
  • Integrated overload protection system rated at ten times the capacity protects the balance in demanding environments.

Adventurer™ Analytical
Intuitive Balances Designed for a Variety of Needs

  • Adventurer balances feature a color touchscreen, icon-based user interface, and an ergonomic design making them easy to configure and use.
  • Features such as specialized weighing modes, multiple connectivity options, and AutoCal™ provide versatility and flexibility for a variety of applications.
  • Durable construction, large weighing surfaces, a space-saving draftshield design, and full housing in-use cover allow for use in lab, education and industrial
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