Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The VIBRA-9001 marks a significant advancement as the inaugural mechanical vibrodyne is equipped with a linear actuator capable of delivering consistent amplitude force across varying frequencies.

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and featuring an optimised design, the VIBRA-9001 seamlessly blends portability with ease of use. Its featherlight build and compact dimensions simplify installation on structures under examination, eliminating the need for cumbersome lifting equipment.

The system offers various slide lengths to accommodate different applications and is customisable to specific needs.


Specially designed for the civil engineering sector, the VIBRA-9001 plays a crucial role in dynamic identification processes utilising Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) techniques. It is invaluable in scenarios requiring precise and consistent forcing, even at lower excitation frequencies, making it a vital tool for a wide range of structural analysis and research activities.

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