New Tor

New Tor

Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The NewTOR torsional testing systems, powered by state-of-the-art Brushless or Torque motors, are meticulously designed for conducting static, semi-static, dynamic, and fatigue tests on various components and materials.

Equipped with an RTC 9001 controller and the complementary SS9000 software, NewTOR systems are tailored for versatility across numerous applications. The innovative design features direct coupling, eliminating gearboxes to prevent backlash and reduce the inertia of rotating masses. This makes the NewTOR ideal for high-load fatigue tests and achieving high testing frequencies.

The system’s frame is exceptionally stiff and constructed with a motor flange and a sliding counter-flange on linear guides, ensuring maximum versatility and high repeatability in testing outcomes. Known for their reliability, precision, compact “tabletop” design, energy efficiency, and oil-free operation, NewTOR systems are a prime choice for any testing laboratory.


The NewTOR systems’ flexible configuration capabilities, enhanced by versatile gripping options such as plates or spindles and adjustable working lengths via the sliding counter-flange, cater to a wide range of testing requirements. The systems’ motor performance, sensor accuracy, and intuitive software interface make them particularly suitable for industries such as:

  • Biomedical: Ideal for testing medical devices and materials where precision and repeatability are crucial.
  • Rubber and Plastics: Assessing the durability and behaviour of rubber and plastic materials under torsional stress.
  • Mechanical Parts and Components: Ensuring the integrity and functionality of mechanical components through rigorous torsional testing.
  • 3D Printed Objects: Evaluating the torsional strength and reliability of 3D printed items.
  • Torsion Springs, Wires, Fasteners: This is the measurement of the torsional strength and endurance of springs, wires, and fasteners.
  • Composite Materials: Testing composite materials’ torsional resistance and robustness is crucial for their application in various industries.

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