Elmendorf Tear Tester Internal Tear Tester Mechanical

Elmendorf Tear Tester Internal Tear Tester Mechanical

Elmendorf Tear Tester / Internal Tear Tester for film and paper tear resistance testing. Advanced design manufactured in the USA by Oakland Instruments

  • 800, 1600 & 3200 gram pendulums available
  • Simple to use tear tester at an affordable price.
  • Robust design suitable for both shop floor and laboratory use
  • Each pendulum is supplied with a calibration certificate

The Elmendorf method is widely used in the, paper, packaging and plastics industries.

Elmendorf Tear Tester Operation

Simply place the sample in the two clamps and tighten, use the inbuilt knife to make the initial tear, release the pendulum. The tearing resistance of the material is measured via the transference of the potential energy stored in the raised pendulum to kinetic energy. A portion of this energy is absorbed during the tearing of the sample and is used as a measure of the materials resistance to a continuing tear. The energy required to tear the sample is reported as a percentage of the pendulum capacity or force in mN or gf.

Elmendorf Tear Tester Accessories Available

  • Pendulums of differing capacities to cover a wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • Calibration weight
  • Sample Excel data sheets conforming to ASTM D-1922 reporting requirements
  • Sample cutters and templates

Meets the requirements of

ASTM D1424 D295, D752, D4247, D5734, D1922
TAPPI T496, T414,
BS 4253, 4468
DIN 53128, 53862
ISO 1974, 9290
EN 21974

Full sales, service and calibration support from AML Instruments in the U.K. AML specialises in test equipment for the paper, plastics and packaging industries.

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