BYC 200

BYC 200

Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The BYC-200 frame, an integral part of the PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) series, is meticulously engineered for conducting precise tests on bicycle sector components. This system, crafted entirely from aluminium, is specialised for performing static and fatigue tests on bicycle handlebars in alignment with the ISO 4210 standard and EN 15194 regulations.

Featuring a robust portal structure, the BYC-200 ensures the necessary rigidity for accurately conducting tests on handlebars and aerodynamic extensions. Its testing area is securely enclosed by polycarbonate panels, offering clear visibility during testing procedures, while an interlocking system for the openings ensures complete safety for operators.

The BYC-200 is designed to be compatible with Litem K-PN series pneumatic actuator kits, anchoring brackets, and RTC 9000 Real Time Controllers, offering a comprehensive and flexible testing solution.


Primarily utilised within the bicycle industry, the BYC-200 stands out for its adaptability across a range of tests, facilitated by its versatile series of clamps, making it exceptionally suitable for:

  • Lateral Bending Test on Handlebar Stem (and Assembly): Evaluating the resistance of handlebar stems and their assemblies to lateral forces.
  • Forward Bending Test on Handlebar Stem: Assessing the durability of handlebar stems against forward bending stress.
  • Torsional Security Test: Testing the handlebar, stem, bar end, and aerodynamic extensions for torsional integrity.
  • Fatigue Test on Handlebar and Stem Assembly: This test determines the endurance of handlebar and stem assemblies under cyclic loading.
  • Test Method for Racing Bicycles: A specialised testing protocol for evaluating handlebar and stem assemblies on racing bicycles, ensuring performance and safety standards are met.

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