BYC 100

BYC 100

Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The BYC-100 unit is a prime example of the PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) series, meticulously crafted for conducting specialised tests on bicycle sector components. Constructed entirely from aluminium, this system is engineered to perform static and fatigue tests strictly adhering to the ISO-4210 standard and EN 15194 guidelines.

Equipped with anti-vibration supports, the BYC-100 frame maintains optimal stability even during rigorous testing scenarios. Its portal structure ensures the required rigidity for accurate testing of bike frames and components as per industry standards. Additionally, including wheels at the base enhances the structure’s mobility, facilitating convenient relocation within the test lab environment.

This system is designed to work seamlessly with Litem K-PN series pneumatic actuator kits, anchoring brackets, and RTC 9000 Real Time Controllers, ensuring a versatile and integrated testing setup.


Predominantly serving the bicycle industry, the BYC-100 system excels in a variety of tests thanks to its adaptable series of clamps, making it exceptionally suited for:

  • Horizontal Load Fatigue Testing: Evaluating the endurance of bike frames under horizontal stress.
  • Vertical Load Fatigue Testing: Assessing the durability of bike frames when subjected to vertical forces.
  • Pedal Force Applied Fatigue Testing: Conducting biaxial fatigue tests on bike frames with forces applied to the pedals.
  • Biaxial Fatigue Testing on the Handlebar: Testing the handlebar’s resistance to biaxial stresses.
  • Front Fork Fatigue Testing: Determining the fatigue strength of the front fork.
  • Seat Static and Fatigue Testing: Analysing the seat for its static stability and endurance under cyclic loads.

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