Actuator Kit

Actuator Kit

Manufactured by Life Testing Machines

The pneumatic actuator kit encompasses all necessary components for precision conducting static, dynamic, and fatigue tests. It is engineered to seamlessly integrate with RTC 9000 Real Time Controllers, making it an optimal choice for use alongside PN-MF (Pneumatic Modular Frame) systems created by LiTeM.

Designed for versatility, end users can assimilate the actuator kit into custom-made test benches. LiTeM provides comprehensive guidance to ensure these test benches’ correct construction and integration, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Testing flexibility can be achieved with the actuator kits, coupled with MF-P modular frames or custom setups by end users. This system empowers users to configure complex testing arrangements across various application fields effortlessly.

Its user-friendly software interface underscores the kits’ suitability for sectors heavily invested in innovation, research and development, including academic and professional research laboratories:

  • Biomedical: Enabling detailed study and testing of medical devices and materials.
  • R&D: Supporting a broad spectrum of research and development projects with adaptable testing capabilities.
  • Plastics and Rubber: Assessing the properties and resilience of plastic and rubber materials under various conditions.
  • 3D Printing (Plastics and Metals): Testing the structural integrity and durability of 3D-printed creations.
  • Composite Materials: Evaluating the performance of composite materials in demanding environments.
  • Springs: Determining the reliability and performance of springs under stress.
  • Automotive: Facilitating developing and testing automotive components for safety and efficiency.
  • Mechanical Components: Ensuring mechanical parts meet rigorous quality and performance standards.
  • Assembled Components (Even of Large Dimensions): Offering the capability to test assembled products for structural soundness and longevity, regardless of size.

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