Precision Balance Calibration and Repair

In the precise world of measurement, AML Instruments stands as a beacon of accuracy and quality. We specialise in balance calibration and repair services, ensuring your equipment meets the highest precision standards. As well as balances, AML Instruments can calibrate weighing scales to either UKAS requirements or Traceable to National Standards. At AML Instruments, we not only offer sensible prices for our calibration services with flexible intervals, but we also provide documented assurance of accuracy and reliability by issuing a traceable calibration certificate following each service.

Accurate and Reliable Calibration Techniques

AML Instruments is committed to excellence in providing calibration services marked by unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Our comprehensive calibration procedure employs state-of-the-art methods and certified calibration weights, ensuring traceability to national and international standards. This meticulous approach guarantees that each balance and scale performs precisely, adhering to the strictest metrological norms.

We meticulously monitor for any changes or errors throughout our calibration processes, conducting thorough verification post-calibration. This includes adjusting devices to maintain tolerances within required specifications and ensuring accurate and consistent readings. Our engineers, taking precautions such as wearing gloves, protect the calibration weights from oil build up from hands, a crucial step in maintaining the accuracy of the calibration.

By continuously improving our calibration techniques and adapting to varying capacity needs, AML Instruments remains at the forefront of precision measurement.

Our unwavering dedication to quality at every step of the calibration process ensures the delivery of the most reliable and accurate results for our clients.

Understanding UKAS vs Traceable to National Standards Calibration

AML Instruments offers UKAS and traceable calibration services, each designed to meet different client needs and regulatory requirements.

  • UKAS Calibration: This service is for clients who require the highest calibration standards performed by a UKAS-accredited laboratory. UKAS calibration provides certificates with detailed measurement uncertainty and traceability to international standards, making it essential for industries with stringent regulatory compliance. Our UKAS calibration engineers undergo additional training and have to be assessed every year to enable them to continue performing UKAS calibrations.
  • Traceable Calibration: Ideal for clients seeking reliable and accurate calibration services that are still traceable to national standards. While UK traceable calibration does not carry the formal UKAS accreditation, it is conducted with the same high level of expertise and attention to detail.

The resulting calibration certificate provides evidence of accuracy and reliability, suitable for a wide range of applications where formal UKAS accreditation is not a prerequisite.

Whether opting for UKAS or traceable calibration, clients can be confident that AML Instruments delivers services steadfastly committed to accuracy, reliability, and customer-focused calibration solutions.

On-Site Calibration Service: Tailored Precision at Your Location

AML Instruments offers both in-lab and on-site calibration services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our on-site calibration is particularly beneficial for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of balances and scales, addressing several key factors: It is highly recommended to having weighing equipment calibrated at your site in the location of use.

  • Adaptation to Environmental Conditions: On-site calibration allows us to adjust balances precisely in their regular environment, considering factors like temperature and humidity, which are crucial for accurate measurements.
  • Elimination of Transportation Risks: By calibrating on-site, we avoid the potential misalignment or damage that could occur while transporting sensitive equipment, ensuring the balance’s integrity and accuracy.
  • Convenience and Reduced Downtime: Our on-site services minimise operational disruptions and downtime, which is crucial for businesses where continuous use of balances is essential.
  • Feasibility for Large or Fixed Equipment: For balances that are large, heavy, or part of a more extensive system, on-site calibration is the most practical and sometimes the only option.
  • Customisation for Specific Usage: Calibrating at the customer’s location allows for customisation according to the specific operational requirements and use of the equipment.

Our on-site calibration capabilities include:

  • Calibrating various balances and scales to industry standards, ensuring they perform optimally in their specific usage environments.
  • Precisely adjusting devices for peak performance and accuracy, considering all relevant factors of the on-site environment.
  • Providing expert advice on maintaining the accuracy and longevity of equipment tailored to each site’s unique conditions and requirements.

Our team is adept at calibrating devices that measure force, pressure, and mass, showcasing our comprehensive range of service capabilities. We ensure that every calibrated instrument adheres to the highest safety and quality standards, delivering reliable and precise results tailored to your specific operational needs.

Why Choose AML Instruments

Choosing AML Instruments means partnering with a leader in metrology. Our commitment to standards like ISO 17025 with UKAS accreditation in Scales and Balances underscores our dedication to quality and precision. We are proud approved members of the of the UK Weighing Federation.

What sets us apart:

  • A skilled team experienced in various aspects of calibration and metrology.
  • Adherence to traceable standards and advanced calibration equipment.
  • Customised solutions to meet specific industry requirements.

We strive to minimise uncertainty in measurements, ensuring that our calibration services meet and exceed your expectations for quality and accuracy.

Brands We Calibrate

At AML Instruments, we can calibrate/service all makes and models. Listed below are the typical brands we calibrate on a day-to-day basis.

  • A&D Medical
  • Adam Equipment
  • Ohaus
  • Sartorius
  • Rag Wag
  • Mettler Toledo
  • Avery Weigh Tronix
  • On Balance
  • Kern
  • Extech
  • Sauter
  • Testsafe

If your balance manufacturer isn’t listed above, don’t worry; we can calibrate it.

Types of Balances

AML Instruments services various balances and scales, catering to unique industry needs. Our expertise spans various devices, ensuring accurate calibration for every application.

Types of balances we service:

  • Precision lab balances for scientific research.
  • Industrial scales for robust applications.
  • Analytical balances for hight resolution measurements.

We cover from the full range 1 mg to 60 tonnes.

Our calibration process is designed to adjust each device to specific load requirements, particularly in industrial settings. Whether a simple mechanical scale or an advanced digital balance (with load cells), we ensure each device is calibrated to deliver reliable and precise results.



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