The Torque Wrench Calibration Service You Need

Finding a reliable torque wrench calibration service can be tricky. At AML we make the entire process efficient and hassle free. All enquiries are responded to within 2 hours. Additionally, as standard, we offer a 5 day torque wrench calibration service. We also offer a 24 / 48 hour service. For emergencies, we even provide a ‘while you wait’ calibration service. These express services need to be booked and agreed in advance.


Where can I get my torque wrench calibrated?


Can’t be without your torque wrench or torque screwdriver? AML has a mobile torque wrench calibration service. AML specialises in providing onsite torque wrench calibration services. Our mobile torque calibration service covers all torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers up to 400 Nm. If you have larger torque wrenches, you can bring these back to our calibration laboratory. You can collect these during your calibration visit. Our mobile torque wrench calibration service is available across the entire UK.

Unless requested, our torque wrench calibration service is based on the requirements of the latest ISO standard for torque calibration ISO 6789-1:2017.

We know exactly how to calibrate a torque wrench to the highest quality possible. However, we don’t just calibrate torque wrenches. We also calibrate torque screwdrivers. As well as other torque measuring devices, such as bottle torque testers. AML are not limited to Torque calibration see what other types of calibration we perform here


What happens if my torque wrench fails calibration?


Wherever possible, your torque wrench will be adjusted to bring it back within the requirements of ISO 6789. We will always record “As found” results and “As Left” results if adjustment was necessary.

How often to calibrate a torque wrench?


There are many things to consider when asking how often to calibrate a torque wrench.

  • Frequency of use

  • The closeness to the maximum capacity the torque wrench is used. For instance if a 300 Nm is always used at 250 Nm or above, it should be more often if it was always used at 30 Nm.

  • Has the torque wrench been overloaded by 25% or more

  • Conditions in use and storage

  • Previous calibration results are key. You should get your torque wrench checked if it is close to the maximum allowed errors. Before your usual calibration frequency.


In general, our answer to how often you should calibrate a torque wrench would be every 12 months. However as you can see from the above list. There are times when this calibration frequency should be reduced.

Torque wrench calibration cost uk


AML charges £40 per torque wrench this includes free of charge adjustments (where possible) discounts are possible for larger number of torque wrenches or torque screwdrivers.

Here at AML, we don’t just offer a torque wrench calibration service. In fact, we offer calibration services to countless other equipment. Contact us today with your list of equipment and see the improvements we can make! Or for more information on torque calibration click here.

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