March 3, 2018

Sheen Instruments Leaves UK


Sheen Instruments has decided to move its operations to the Netherlands

Are you looking for a alternative service provider? Or to buy test equipment from an established UK test equipment specialist?

We can support most instruments in the Sheen Instruments range.

Calibration services for Sheen Instruments

Are offered on and offsite. Why risk packaging up your delicate and expensive test equipment when our engineers will visit you. We cover the whole of the UK and have regular European tours. Alternatively send your equipment to us, our standard turn around time is 5 days, this can be reduced to 24 or 48 hours by prior arrangement.

Sheen Instruments repair and calibration

Not only can we calibrate your test equipment we can also repair it should the need arise.

Sheen Instruments New Test Equipment

We also offer the following new test equipment

Mostly from a UK manufacture Rhopoint Instruments.

AML can support an ever growing range of instruments and test equipment. We can make site visits very cost effective by calibrating and servicing other equipment during the same visit. We have one of the widest scopes in the UK for materials testing equipment. Why not send us your list of equipment and see what you could save.

Visit our calibration pages for more information.

We have dedicated calibration pages for:-

General Calibration 

Weighing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Pressure Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Dimensional Calibration 

Force Calibration 

Torque Calibration

Instrument Repair

Gloss Meter Calibration

Viscometer Calibration 

Hanatek Instruments Calibration & Service 

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