March 26, 2020

An Overview of Our Onsite and Offsite Calibration Services


We offer a ‘one-stop’ professional calibration service for all your instrument and test equipment needs.

UKAS accredited calibration service provider. We are able to provide a professional service in all sectors, this includes particular expertise in the paper, plastics and packaging industries.

Our office is situated in Scunthorpe close to Hull, Grimsby, Gainsborough and Lincoln in Lincolnshire, allowing us to have an ideal central location in the East Midlands. This allows our engineers to have an optimal travel time which then enables us to offer you the best possible calibration service, through flexible schedules and reasonable prices.

We provide full European cover through regular calibration and service tours of Europe, allowing AML to offer competitive international rates.

View our UKAS schedule of accreditation here for ISO 9001 calibrations see below.

Our on or off-site calibration service includes

  • UKAS 17025 or ISO 9001 calibration certificates, sent as a hard copy or stored on our secure website
  • All equipment used is traceable to a UKAS laboratory and to the National Standards held by the National Physics Laboratory
  • Minor adjustments & repairs
  • Calibration sticker
  • Cleaning and lubrication where required
  • Free reminder sent in good time before your instrumentation is due for calibration
  • Repairs can be carried out on-site and an estimate will be provided before any work is carried out
  • For instruments sent to us we are able to provide a 24 or 48 hour service upon request
  • A standard off-site turnaround time of 3-5 days
  • All engineers hold IOSH H&S Passports
  • AML is SafeContractor accredited

The parameters we can calibrate include

We are official calibration and service agents for Technidyne, Ohaus, RollTest, Techlab Systems (TLS) Metrotec, Hanatek Instruments, Rhopoint Instruments, Kershaw Instrumentation Kern, Sauter and Oakland Instruments. Although we are by no means limited to these manufacturers or instruments and test equipment.

UK Weighing Federation Approved Members 

We have dedicated calibration pages for:-

Weighing Equipment Calibration & Repair

Temperature Calibration

Dimensional Calibration 

Force Calibration 

Torque Calibration

Pressure Calibration 

Instrument Repair

Gloss Meter Calibration

Viscometer Calibration 

Hanatek Instruments Calibration & Service 

Full asset and calibration management service available for all your equipment and instruments on site anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Our specialist engineers will maintain your personalised tracking system to keep your data fully up to date and can be available on site to answer any queries at the time of an audit. Upon request, AML are also able to set up a calibration system or advise on improvements for a pre-existing one.

Here at AML we are Beamex CMX certified and pride ourselves on our expertly trained calibration engineers.

We are able to provide a single point of contact for all your needs through our ability to not only calibrate, but repair and supply test equipment. Any instrument we are unable to calibrate will be sub-contracted to one of our long-time trusted trading partners.

Our aim is to provide a hassle free, cost effective and competitive service, which ensures your compliance at all times.

AML are now supplying this service to a number of large “blue chip” multinational customers.

Calibration Scope

This is an indicative list of the instruments we can calibrate.


Adjustable Height Setting Bar

Air Permeability Measuring Machine


Bag Sealer


Balance, Quadrant

Balance, Moisture

Bekk Smoothness & Porosity Tester

Belt Tensioning Gauge

Bendtsen Capillary Tubes

Bendtsen Roughness & Porosity Tester

Book Tester

Bottle Torque Tester 

Box Compression Tester

Bretting Quality Jig

Brookfield Viscometer

Bulk Tester (with 2 blocks)

Bulk Tester (with disc & block)

Bulk Tester (with spring and head; only one block)


Burst Tester Gauge

Burst Tester (Board)

Burst Tester (Paper)

Burst Tester (Textile)

Burst Tester (Polyethylene)

Burst Tester (Pneumatic)

Burst Tester (Hydraulic)

Caliper Profiler


Canadian Freeness Tester

Carbonless Copiability Tester

Carton Board Creaser

Carton Board Creaser (with 2nd set of rules & grooves)

Chart Recorder

Checking Gauge

Circumference Tape

Cobb Roller

Cobb Ring Tester

COF Tester

Cone and Plate Viscometer

Cohesion Tester

Color Touch Spectrophotometer


Compressibility & Recovery of Gasket Material Tester

Compression Tester

COF Friction Tester

Coefficient of Friction Tester

Concora Medium Fluter

Concora Medium Fluter (with Pira Test Lab standards)

Concora Crush Test Jig

Conductivity Meter – Multi range

Contact Angle Tester

Creasing Apparatus

Crush Jig

Cubic Blocks (used with Macklow Smith Compression tester)

Cutting Machine

Cylindrical Wire Basket

Dart Impact Tester (Falling Dart)

Data Logger

Davenport Gas Transmission Apparatus

Deadweight Thickness Micrometer

De Mattia Flexing Machine

Dial Test Indicator

Dial Thickness Gauge

Dial Thermometer

Diameter Measuring Scale


Digital Display Unit

Digital Thermometer

Digital Transmitter (Hygotec) for Kent Wall Mounted Chart Recorder


Drawing Board

Drill Jig

Dynamic Contact Angle Analyser

Dynamic Friction Tester


Dynamometer (Mecmesin)

Edge Tear Stirrup

Erichsen Cup Tester

Engineers Micrometer

Rotational Viscometer

Film Thickness Gauge

Finat High Speed Release Tester

Fineness of Grind Gauge & Scraper (mm)

Fineness of Grind Gauge & Scraper (ml)

Flex Tester

Flow Cup

Fluidic Impedances (Dummy Heads)



Friction Measuring Apparatus (Flat Plane)

Friction Tester

Force Gauge


Gas Transmission Apparatus, Davenport

GE Puncture Tester Clamping Force Fixture

Gloss Meter




Gurley Densometer


Haze Meter



Heat Sealer

Height Gauge

High Speed Release Tester

Hot Ink Roller Test Block

Hot Plate

Humidity Gauge

Humidity Probe

Humidity meter


ICI Cone and Plate Viscometer

IGT Printability Tester

Impact Tester


Ink Pipette

Inking Unit

Integrity Tester

Internal Caliper

Internal Ring Size

Jog Tester

Kershaw Roll Density Tester

Krebs Viscometer

Laboratory Coater

Laboratory Test Sieve

Laboratory Heat Sealer

Length Measuring Counter Wheel

Length Measuring Tester

Leak Detector

Lloyd Finch Wet Tensile Attachment

Load Cell

Martin Capacity Tester

Mason Jar

Measuring Cylinder

Measuring Table

Melt Flow Indexer


Melt Flow Index Analyser


Micro balance

Micro Pipette

Micro Pipette (Digital)

Moistrex Meter

Mondo Dimensional Measuring System

Multi-Range Conductivity Meter

Newton Torque Tester



Octagon Profiler

Paper Equilibrium Tester

Paint thickness tester shims

Paint Thickness Gauge

Parker Printsurf (PPS)

Peel Test Assembly

Peel Tester

Perforation Strength Tester

PFI Mill

Pin Gauges

PH Meter

Plate Rigidity Tester

Plain Plug Gauge

Plug Gauge

PT-100 RTD Resistance Thermometer


Precision Sheet Geometry Gauge

Pre-fold/ Opening Force Tester

Printability Tester


Print Drying Time Recorder


Protractor (Vernier)

Puncture Resistance Apparatus

Puncture Tester


Reference Cylinder

Relative Humidity Meter

Resistance Thermometer

Ring Crush Ring Set

Ring Crush Test Apparatus

Rod & Frame Apparatus

Roll Density Tester

Roll Firmness Gauge (Transducer type)

Roll Firmness Gauge (Dial type)

Rotary Heat Sealer

Rub Tester

Rub and Abrasion Tester

Sample Cutter

Sample Template

Seal Strength Tester

Score Bend Tester

Scott Plybond Tester

Scott Plybond Tester (Electronic)

Screw Plug Gauge

Sheen Cube

10″ Sine Bar

100 mm Spacer for Height Gauge


Slip Tester


Stack Testers

Steel Reference Beam

Stiffness Tester

Straight Edge

Surface Oil Absorption Tester

Taber Abrasion Tester




Tensile Tester Compression and Tension


Temperature Indicator

Temperature Controller

Temperature Data Logger


Torque Wrench 

Torque Screwdriver

Torque transducer 

Universal Testing Macine

Vernier Caliper

Vernier Height Gauge

Vernier Protractor

Viscosity Cup

Viscosity flow Cup


Washability Tester

Water Bath

Water Vapour Permeability Tester

Wear & Abrasion Tester


Weighing Scale

Weighing balance

Weighing Equipment

Wet Strain Tester

Wicking Block

X & Y Glass Graticule

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