Score Bending Quality Tester “SQT” TAPPI T829

Score Bending Quality Tester “SQT” TAPPI T829

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Score bending quality tester “SQT” enables you to evaluate the quality score lines on corrugated boxes precisely and quickly to the requirements of TAPPI T829

  • Improve run-ability of production, filling and erection lines.
  • Important tool for both quality control and research and development.
  • For performing the following tests
    • Deflection bending strength of the score lines, though a 12.7  mm range
    • Force required to bend to an angle of 90º
    • Score Index
    • Calculation of medium values and standard deflection

TAPPI T829 method determines a  SCORE index that consists of: SCORE Index = F (score breakage) / F (no score breakage) X 100

Score bending quality tester “SQT” can easily be configured for many other tests

  • Peel
  • Tensile
  • Opening force
  • Coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Compression
  • 3 or 4 point bend
  • Shear strength

Other grips and fixtures maybe required that can all be supplied by AML.

Score Bending Quality Tester Features

  • 15″ PC Laptop
  • LYNX Testing software
  • LYNX module with statistical analysis
  • High accuracy 50 N load cell 0.5%  of the applied load
  • Automated cross head return after the test.

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