RollMike portable roll measuring system utilizes similar software and graphic user interface as the RollCal product line. This makes the use of the measurement system even easier and guarantees the compatibility with the proven RollCal reporting. Measurement data is transferred wireless from the measurement electronics to a laptop and both display reporting and print-outs are readily available (printer required).

RollMike consists of electronics, sensors, software and roll caliper(s). (Saddle-Mike). Optionally, customers’ existing caliper(s) can be used for RollMike.

We also supply saddle-mikes. Sizes 150 – 400 mm, 200 – 850 mm and 800 – 2000 mm available (can be tailored to fit customers needs).

RollMike™ can measure following measurement types:

  •  Diameter deviations i.e. shape, crown
  •  Run out
  •  Inner surface

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