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Tensile Tester Grips and Fixtures

Tensile Tester Grips and Fixtures. AML Has an Extensive Range for all types of Bend (3 point & 4 point), Tensile, Compression, Torque, Coefficient of Friction (COF), Fatigue, Shear Materials Testing.

Only a very small selection of grips and fixtures are on our website, we have a range of over 2000 and we have the ability to manufacture bespoke solutions. With this level of expertise we can offer a solution for any test to your exact requirements.

Our grips and fixtures can be supplied to fit any make and model of Universal Testing Machine / Tensile Tester, for example Instron, Zwick, Lloyds, AMETEK, Mecmesin, Shimadzu, Admet, Tinius Olsen etc.

Contact us today and our friendly engineers will help you select the correct grips and fixtures for your testing requirements. We can supply a solution for any test to any ISO ASTM or BS standard or even your own in house test methods. No matter what your material or specific requirement.

Tensile Tester Grips and Fixtures

Here is an overview of our Grips and Fixtures AML INSTRUMENTS Photobook 23-05-2019 Single pg

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