Analytical Balance

AML Instruments presents a diverse range of high-quality Analytical Balances from renowned manufacturers like Ohaus and A&D, offering exceptional stability and varying capacity options to meet your precise needs.

Our Analytical Balances are designed for sale at comfortable prices, ensuring precision and reliability. They are ideally suited for laboratories that demand exact measurements with unwavering stability, whether for small or large capacity requirements.

Below, we detail the different types of Analytical Balances AML Instruments has in store for you. If you require additional information or wish to place an order, please feel free to contact our dedicated team.

You can contact us via email at [email protected], or during UK working hours, reach us by phone at Tel: 01522 789 375.

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Discover Precision with Our Analytical Balance

Experience unparalleled precision and superior performance with AML Instruments’ Analytical Balance, a state-of-the-art precision instrument meticulously designed to measure mass with exceptional accuracy in various environments.

Ideal for applications demanding ultra-precise weight determinations, our analytical balances are renowned for their remarkable readability starting from 0.01 mg (semi micro) and adaptability to diverse laboratory settings.

These instruments are indispensable in educational and industrial laboratories, catering to a wide range of tasks where precision is paramount. Understanding the need for consistent accuracy in different environments, these balances are engineered with enhanced sensitivity and are equipped with a robust draft shield.

This feature ensures optimal protection against air currents and environmental particulates, guaranteeing reliable and undisturbed measurements every time.

Moreover, the availability of our analytical balances is designed to meet our client’s immediate needs, ensuring that high-performance precision is always within your reach.

Key Features Tailored for Your Convenience

At AML Instruments, we prioritise accuracy and ease of operation in our precision tools. Our Analytical Balances, crafted by Ohaus and Kern, are designed with the user’s convenience and safety at the forefront. Here’s a glimpse at some of their standout features:

Seamless Data Management: Equipped with integral data and method storage capabilities, our balances offer, Ethernet, USB and RS232 connectivity.

This ensures effortless operation, communication, and smooth data transfer, enhancing your workflow efficiency and the accuracy of results.

User-Friendly Interface: The clear, backlit displays and intuitive touchscreen interfaces ensure a user experience that is both straightforward and enjoyable.

The enhanced display features contribute to easy readability and user engagement.

Enhanced Environmental and Operational Safety: Our balances are fitted with draught shields to safeguard the measuring pan from air currents, enhancing the safety and accuracy of operations.

The sliding tops and doors offer additional protection and ease of use.

Precision Monitoring Tools: With level adjustment indicators and overload/underload alerts, you can maintain precision in every measurement, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Versatility in Measurement with Essential Accessories: Catering to diverse requirements, our balances feature selectable weighing modes and multiple units of measurement and are compatible with a range of accessories, enhancing their versatility.

Calibration & Tare Functionality: Choose between internal or external calibration options. The auto-tare functionality adds to the convenience of ensuring accurate readings every time, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of your results.

Each feature is meticulously designed to streamline laboratory tasks, making precision measurements simpler, more reliable, and safer.

Versatile Applications of Analytical Balances

AML Instruments’ Analytical Balances are not just precision instruments but versatile tools designed to cater to a wide range of applications.

Their potential uses are vast and varied, whether in a lab, industrial setting, or educational environment, involving anything from delicate weighing pans to robust weighing chambers. Here are some of the key applications:

Routine Weighing: Ideal for the everyday weighing of chemicals, food samples, and various items, ensuring accuracy and consistency. The versatility of our weighing pan accommodates different types of tables and bottles, enhancing functionality.

Dynamic Weighing: Excellently suited for unstable specimens such as liquids, small animals, or insects, our balances provide reliable measurements even in challenging conditions. The dynamic weighing extends to food items and solutions in bottles, making it a valuable tool in various sectors.

Counting & Formulation: Streamline your counting tasks for parts, tablets, or other small items with our efficient weighing chamber. They are particularly useful in calculating formulas and recipes, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, offering unparalleled value.

Percentage Weighing & Density Determination: Enhance efficiency in formulations with quick and accurate percentage weighing. Additionally, our balances are adept at precise density determinations for solid items or liquid solutions.

Specialised Applications: From sample preparation on tables to check weighing, interval weighing, and pipette testing, our Analytical Balances handle many specialised tasks.

They are also perfect for animal weighing, differential weighing, and piece counting applications, whether they involve food items, chemicals, or any other essential solution.

Every feature of our Analytical Balances, including the specially designed weighing pan and chamber, is thoughtfully designed to support these diverse applications, offering you a tool that adapts to your specific needs with precision and ease.

Ensuring Precision: Comprehensive Calibration Solutions

At AML Instruments, precision and ease of calibration are at the heart of our design, not just for our analytical balances but also for a wider range of laboratory balances.

We cater to internal and external calibration needs across various brands and types with user-friendly processes and professional support.

Internal Calibration: Our balances, featuring an LCD for clear readouts, include an internal calibration feature. This automated process is easily accessible through the setup/calibration menu, ensuring that all instrument components, regardless of brand or type, are consistently accurate and ready for precise measurements.

External Calibration: We offer clear guidelines using approved calibration weights for those requiring external calibration. The process, compatible with various weight classes, including M1, F1, and E2, ensures adaptability across different types of laboratory balances. E2 class weights are the standard for our analytical balances, guaranteeing high precision.

Additionally, recognising the diverse needs of our clients, AML Instruments proudly provides a professional calibration service. As a UKAS-accredited entity in Scales and Balances, we cater to those who require external calibration services for audit compliance, quality checks, or specific accreditation requirements.

This service is particularly beneficial for companies that need an independent, certified calibration as part of their operational protocols or for meeting external accreditation standards, regardless of the balance type or brand.

With AML Instruments, you receive a precision instrument and a full suite of calibration services and support. Our commitment ensures that every component, from the sensitive LCD to the robust weighing mechanisms, operates with unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your Analytical Balance.

AML Instruments: Your Trusted Partner in Precision

For over two decades, AML Instruments has stood as a beacon of excellence in analytical balances, laboratory instruments, and calibration services. Our standing as market leaders is not just a title but a testament to our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and stringent adherence to UKAS accreditation standards.

Our journey spanning 20 years in the industry is a narrative of relentless dedication to accuracy, reliability, and quality. At AML Instruments, we don’t just provide products; we offer solutions. Our experienced team is deeply committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and success in all your measurement endeavours, from the moment you choose our product to the comprehensive post-purchase support we proudly offer.

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