Analytical Balance

Analytical balances allow you to detect and measure incredibly fine increments in samples. This acute measurement device is key to work in labs and testing. We have a selection of products from trusted names like Kern and Ohaus designed to give you highly accurate results. Find out more below or contact our sales team to discuss your needs.

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What are analytical balances?

Analytical balances are precision instruments used to measure masses in the sub-milligram range between 0.1mg-0.01mg. These balances come standard with highly accurate measuring pans and weighing chambers to prevent dust and air currents from throwing off your balance operation.

We are pleased to offer a range of leading brands and models. This selection includes the ALJ model with its large weighing range and EC type approval as well as the premium ABT Analytical balance with a single-cell weighing system.


Benefits of Analytical Scales:

  • Acute sub-milligram weighing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Protective weighing chamber for accuracy
  • Automated internal calibration (as an option)

Are Analytical Scales 100% Accurate?

Analytical balances can detect incredibly small variations in mass and have a much finer range of readability. We stock a range of options packed with the latest single-cell weighing system and EC type approval.

Each unit also has an easy-to-use display and input system which allows you to measure a wide range of units. Contact us to find out more about the correct balance for your needs. We’re happy to help you find an analytical balance that works for your needs and budget.

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