Hydrajaws Calibration For Continued Accurate Performance

Hydrajaws is a brand name for a Pull-Out Testers. At AML Instruments, we can calibrate both branded and non-branded Pull-Out Testers. Other brands of Pull-Out Testers we calibrate on a regular basis

  • Hilti Pull-Out Tester
  • BIGBEN Pull-Out Tester
We are not limited to these brands! To get your Hydrajaws or Pull-Out Tester booked for its calibration, please get in touch with our team on Tel: 01522 789 375, the Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage, or use our Contact Form.

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Two-Part Calibration Process

There are two critical parts to a hydra jaw/Pull-Out Tester, the pressure gauge, and the force/pulling mechanism.

Best practice dictates that both the pressure gauge and force application mechanism are calibrated as a pair. This is done by using a custom force application rig and a highly accurate master load cell. Force is applied to both mechanism and the pressure gauge simultaneously ensure a real world and not theoretical calibration of your Pull-Out Tester!

To ensure accuracy, it is critical to calibrate both parts of your Hydrajaws or Pull-Out Tester. Sadly, some calibration companies including manufactures of this type of equipment do not!

To book your Pull-Out Tester’s calibration service, please call 01522 789 375 or use our contact form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Hydrajaws Calibration at AML's Laboratory

We offer hydrajaws/Pull-Out Tester calibration service back at our temperature-controlled Lincolnshire laboratory.

 As standard, our lab turnaround time is five working days, but by arrangement, we offer an express 24 or 48-hour service. 


Onsite Hydrajaws Calibration 

Onsite Pull-Out Tester calibration, cannot spare your Hydrajaws Pull-Out Tester we can visit you onsite anywhere in the UK or Europe! Our custom calibration rig is portable and can calibration any Pull-Out Tester onsite, typical calibration time under 1 hour.  


This can be particularly cost effective if you have a number of Pull-Out Testers or other equipment out engineer could calibrate at the same time.  

What Are HydraJaws Used For?

Engineers typically use Hydrajaws to conduct pull-out tests on critical safety anchors, lifeline systems, fasteners and fixings to ensure they can cope with an applied load. These Pull-Out Testers are widely used across the Construction industry.

What Are The Different Types Of Pull Out Testing?

Below are some of the typical test’s engineers carry out with a Hydrajaw or Pull-Out Tester.

  •  Anchor bolt testing
  • Expansion anchor testing
  • Eye bolt testing
  • Hilti bolt testing
  • Mechanical anchor testing
  • Rawl bolt testing
  • Rebar testing
  • Resin anchor testing
  • Scaffold ties testing
  • Studding testing
  • Threaded bar testing
  • Wall tie testing

Full Spectrum Calibration Company

AML Instruments is a family-run calibration business centrally located in the UK. Our engineers have vast experience of calibrating precision testing equipment, from ground scales and weights to torque instruments.

Below are the general areas we regularly carry out our calibration services.

AML Instruments Quality Systems

AML Instruments quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 by BSI and accredited to UKAS ISO 17025; click here for our current calibration scope.

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If you want to calibrate one or all of your Pull-Out Testers or hydrajaws, don’t hesitate to contact us by Tel: 01522 789 375 or email the items you would like to calibrate to [email protected].

They will then send you a quote/PO to authorise.

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