February 12, 2016

Bespoke Floor Tile Measuring System Order


We have just received a order for a bespoke floor tile measuring system from a leading flooring manufacture in Coventry.

The brief was to design and build a machine to accurately measure floor tiles dimensionally.

Here is a comparison of the accuracy requirements of the BS EN ISO 24343:2012 and specifications of the AML measuring system.

  • BS EN ISO 24343:2012 DTI accuracy +/- 0.05 mm resolution 0.02 mm
  • AML machine +/- 0.02 mm resolution 0.003 mm (when used as a comparator)
  • BS EN ISO 24343:2012 Straightness resolution 0.02 mm
  • AML machine resolution 0.003 mm
  • BS EN ISO 24343:2012 Squareness resolution 0.02 mm
  • AML machine resolution 0.003 mm

The tiles measure up to 7 feet long

Our machine will work in similar manner to a CMM but without the hefty price tag.

AML have the expertise to design and manufacture a range of instrumentation and test equipment as well as bespoke software packages.

Contact us with your measuring and testing problems and we shall do our best to either find or build you a solution.

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