October 26, 2022

AML Instruments Partner With Mettler Toledo – The Measurement Solution Specialists


Over the years, we have been an authorised distributor of Ohaus scales & balances, Ohaus is owned by Mettler Toledo. However, AML Instruments is very excited to announce that we have now partnered with Mettler Toledo and their electro chemistry division. 

The partnership allows AML Instruments to provide new and existing clients with the full range of Mettler Toledo pH, conductivity, ion, ORP,  dissolved oxygen  refractometers, including an extensive range of probes and buffer solutions.

Who Are Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo is a Swiss headquartered company that provides a measurement solution across the client’s value chain. They produce precision instruments currently in use across multiple applications in R&D, academia,  production, quality control and logistics.

The precision instruments and solutions that AML Instruments are introducing to their new and existing clients are pH meters, pH sensors and pH buffer solutions.

Application Papers

Mettler Toledo application experts have written some excellent papers on testing a wide range of products. Please download these from the links below. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch 

pH Meter

pH meters from Mettler Toledo are intuitive, easy to use and accurate, and they can export data onto a USB, print or transfer it to their LabX® software.

It is an analytical instrument which measures hydrogen ions in a solution, displaying the readings as a pH value. Some pH meters can also measure other parameters, such as conductivity, Ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen when combined with the correct probe.

Analytical Sensors

A pH sensor is a part of a measuring device that tests the pH value of a liquid or solution. Mettler Toledo produces laboratory sensors for pH, conductivity, Ion concentration, dissolved oxygen and ORP.

Mettler Toledo produces routine to highly specialised electrodes and sensors, which provide the user with highly accurate readings. They have specific probes and sensors for laboratory or field use.

With various sensors containing enhanced data protection and low maintenance options, Mettler Toledo has the suitable sensor to suit your requirements.

pH Buffer and Maintenance Solutions

Mettler Toledo produces laboratory standard solutions covering calibration, maintenance storage and the clean process for pH probes.

pH buffers stay at a constant pH value, making them ideal for calibrating pH meters and sensors. The three most common pH buffer solutions, usually distinguished by their colour, are pH 4 (red), pH 7 (green) and pH 10 (blue).

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Pairing Mettler Toledo’s pH meter and sensor with their pH buffer and cleaning solutions will ensure repeatable and reproducible measurement for your laboratory.

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