Falling Dart Impact Testers

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Falling Dart Impact Testers

A Falling Dart Impact Tester (FDIT) is used to test the impact strength of packaging & building materials such as plastic films, sheets, and laminated packaging. This test uses variously weighted darts to measure at what point the packaging fails. This test method is highly accurate & repeatable and is ideal for quality control and packaging manufacturers.

By testing your packaging materials with an FDIT you can improve the quality of sheets, films, and laminates. This leads to fewer failures, waste production and costs. All of our test equipment is customisable and can be made to meet whatever conditions you want to throw at your materials.


Benefits of Falling Dart Impact Testers:

Determine impact strength of your material.
Ascertain pass / fail
Easy to use
Versatile range of darts & weights to simulate a large range of forces
Highly accurate readings and results


Leading Falling Dart Impact Testers

Our range of our very own FDITs, as well as those from Oakland Instruments, are incredibly accurate and versatile. We can calibrate and service existing testers as well as supply you with the latest advancements in impact testing. Whether you want a precision load cell, velocity meter, or drop heights between 30mm and 2m, we have the perfect FDIT for your testing needs.

We have Falling Dart Impact Testers that conform to the following standards.

ASTM D 1709 / ISO 7765 Method A
ASTM D 1709 / ISO 7765 Method B
ASTM D-4272
ASTM D-5628
BS EN 12691


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